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Introducing our law firm
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The most important decision you make during a lawsuit will be choosing an esteemed and respected lawyer that can guide you through the legal process. As a seasoned corporate and commercial attorney, Mark Yosef,Esq. graduated from a top 20 law school and is admitted in New York. His practice specializes in corporate law and commercial as well as civil litigation, Call  for a free consultation to help your company today.

Introducing Our

Law Firm

Mark Yosef has been diligently representing corporations and individuals  in New York City for most of the past decade. He has successfully defended corporations and individuals against claims of fraud,  breach of contract, notice to cure and various other claims.


Additionally, he is well versed in lease drafting, contracts and has litigated numerous commercial landlord tenant cases. 

new York. 

 A corporation must be represented by an attorney in State of New York. You deserve to be represented by an attorney that will fight for you at a reasonable price. Contact mark at :

A corporation or association may prosecute or defend a civil action only through an attorney.  N.Y. C.P.L.R. 321(a).  

Our Firm's Specialties


Corporate Law

If your corporation has been sued for any reason including but not limited to fraud, breach of contract, false advertising, or any other civil claim contact me to represent you!. 

Additionally if you have been served with a notice to cure you have limited time to respond, contact me so we can go over your options.


Commercial Landlord/Tenant Law

If you are a corporate entity that manages office space, I draft leases, terminations, renewals, extensions and can handle commercial landlord tenant/law involved in removing a commercial tenant.


Civil Litigation

If you have been sued for breach of contract, fraud, or any other monetary claim please contact me to review your options. 


Commercial Litigation

Our Corporate Lawyer

There Is No Lawyer More Eloquent Than the Heart.

Sylvain Maréchal (1788)

News & Updates 

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